Plan A: Iberia

Sunny Spain and Portugal, surrounded by water on three sides. What if it there were a way to combine their sunlight, seawater and gravity to manufacture pure water and, simultaneously, to generate more energy than is consumed in the process? Furthermore, what if it were possible to export an unlimited amount of energy, not just in the form of electricity to the rest of Europe, but to distant, voracious, virtually insatiable energy and water markets such as China and India? What if they could generate all their electricity without fossil fuels and/or nuclear fission?




What if the Canary Islands…

Canary Islands


and the Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands


suddenly became world-class energy exporters? Would that diversify their economies, create jobs, and improve their standard of living? Would that be enough to merit an in-depth study?

The proposal is called Plan A; its variants have been explained in the sections for the U.S., Mexico, the Andes and Argentina (top menu).

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