Student Loan Debt

January 13, 2016 Total student loan debt in the United States is increasing at a rate of about $2,853.88 per second and has now passed $1.3 trillion. To access the student loan debt clock and a wealth of information click here.

UCLA Fees 1949-1950

Source: Registrar Archive, University of California at Los Angeles Inflation conversion factor 1950-2014 = 9.8520; 2014 dollars in parentheses. Incidental fee: $39 ($384.23) Covers certain expenses of students for library books, athletic and gymnasium facilities and equipment, lockers and washrooms, registration and graduation, consultation, medical advice, dispensary treatment as can … Continue reading

College and the Middle Class

    Contrary to what some have been led to believe, a college education is not a panacea, only a distraction from the real reasons for our predicament. The fact is, even if colleges and universities wanted to accept each and every high school graduate, they do not have the … Continue reading

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