Source of the U.S. dollar

December 2, 2015 The U.S. has had a debt-based banking system since 1864. As a result, it is currently impossible to extinguish government debt without simultaneously extinguishing our money supply. The Federal Reserve, established in 1913, is a for-profit corporation owned by private member banks. It has no reserves to … Continue reading

Greek Debt

July 7, 2015 It is in no one’s interest, including the United States, to let Greece collapse. Greece’s creditors might lose most -if not all- of what they’re owed and the Greek people would suffer immensely for an indefinite period of time. The potential social, political, economic and even military … Continue reading

Public Debt

Currently the only way the government can maintain its liquidity is thanks to the Federal Reserve, which as of April 2013 holds 16% of total outstanding Treasuries -essentially Federal IOUs purchased by the Fed with money created out of thin air. How long this can continue is anyone’s guess.

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