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Welcome to Wikisolver, a free cooperative effort dedicated to finding feasible, practical solutions to the thorniest issues of our time, including, but not limited to, global warming, drought, and the yawning, growing gap in the distribution of income and wealth.

How It’s Organized

The site consists of one horizontal menu (in gold letters at the top of the page), categories of posts on the left, and useful, informative external links at the bottom, sorted by topic. The top menu consists of a specific, feasible plan to simultaneously:

  • Halt -and eventually reverse- the accumulation of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Prevent flooding of low-lying cities.
  • Conquer drought, including deserts far from any body of water where desalination is impractical or impossible.
  • Substantially reduce the abysmal gap in the distribution of wealth and income without necessarily resorting to onerous, egregious taxes on the rich.

The top menu includes a detailed description of how the plan works, examples of how it could be replicated in various areas with a variety of geographic, geological, topographic and cultural characteristics, and warnings of what will happen if these problems are not promptly addressed and solved.

The left menu consists of Posts related to these and other pressing issues, sorted by topic, and a Search Box. Below it is a section of useful external links, by subject. To the right of them is our Featured Post, and to the right of that is the RSS section that allows users to subscribe to any or all of the categories on the list.

NOTE: RSS Link of a particular category is the category URL followed by “/?feed=rss2” or “/feed” without the Quotes.

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